Tenant Representation

Highly experienced in working with companies and individuals to locate ideal space and negotiate the best transaction, our local market knowledge with corporate entities provides a powerful advantage in researching, locating and securing potential sites and in leveraging opportunities to maximize value for our clients. By providing extensive financial and comparative analysis on all transactions, we help our clients make informed decisions. Backed by the extensive resources of Voit Real Estate Services, our team has the ability to take on any real estate project with diligence. Once the transaction is done, we will continue to provide market updates and consulting services throughout the occupancy period.

Lease Audit

Real estate costs can be the most significant financial obligation a company faces. Often times these leases can be complex and the burden of proof on payments is on the tenant. A lease audit is a comprehensive analysis of lease terms and validation of charges to ensure that amounts billed are correct.  Our team will review lease documents, invoices and various other materials. You deserve to know what your REAL expenses are. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

Broker Opinion of Value

Commercial Buildings come in many different product types, with various build-outs, in differing markets and submarkets. Properly evaluating a building can come in the form of an appraisal or a broker opinion of value. Appraisers can be expensive and are required for obtaining loans and closing escrow. A thorough valuation can be obtained by our team over the course of just a few days and is free. There are many different ways to evaluate a property: market comparison, income approach, replacement cost approach, or a combination of any. We can provide detailed analysis for your company so you can be informed for a future sale, leases, or refinance. Reach out to our team today to start the process.

Landlord Representation

Our team has provided landlord representation over the last 30 years, with institutional and private clients alike. We currently list over 1.5 million square feet of product in Central San Diego. The product types we serve are Industrial, Office, and R&D product. We keep all our clients informed with monthly activity reports, quarterly market reports, and constant and open correspondence. We value each relationship with our landlord clients and shape our work around their unique personal, professional, and property goals. Whether leasing a single tenant building or a large scale business park we have the experience and knowledge to meet the goals of San Diego market landlords.

Seller Representation

Our goal is to maximize the value of your commercial asset. We utilize extensive market research to analyze your property from a financial perspective and evaluate its current and future potential value. Based on your situation, we will generate a marketing plan to reach a qualified buyer. In any real estate transaction it is important to bring together all parties involved. With years of experience we are able to bring qualified personnel required for a smooth escrow.

Lease Renewal

When a renter and a landlord have enjoyed a good relationship and want to continue, they’ll use a Lease Renewal Agreement. If a lease is expiring a Lease Renewal sets down the terms of the new lease agreement between landlord and tenant. We make sure you are represented in the most proficient and reliable manner possible to highlight your loyalty and value as a tenant.